Yvonne E. Blackwood - INTO AFRICA:THE RETURN is the latest release

Yvonne Blackwood is a Canadian author of Jamaican roots. She is also a columnist, retired Banker, speaker and world traveler.
Are you ready to travel on a powerful journey to the continent of Africa? Well you don't need to leave home yet and no maps are required! Relax, sit back and read Blackwood's book, INTO AFRICA,THE RETURN, or better still, buy copies of INTO AFRICA A PERSONAL JOURNEY too. For a good laugh, turn the pages of WILL THAT BE CASH OR 'CUFFS?
You are in for a real treat.
President Barack Obama did it, Anderson Cooper did it, Oprah wants to do it, Yvonne Blackwood did it. Read the memoir of her visit to Cape Coast Slave Castle, Africa Gin ....and more. Adventurous & exhilarating.
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